The Mokan Nokan
Beautiful Hawaii Roadshow

The Mokan & Nokan ‘Beautiful Hawaii’ Roadshow is a LIVE stage production combining elements of the television production forming the backdrop and narrative for the show with an 80 strong cast of amateur dancers age 3 and up from the Kauai Dance Center and of course Mokan & Nokan
providing the live entertainment.The first show of its kind, The Mokan & Nokan ‘Beautiful Hawaii’ Roadshow was performed in the Grand Ballroom at the Kauai Marriott in Lihue, Kauai in May, 2016.

Produced by Eyes Wide Open Productions and featuring an Original Score by Mel Bell-Grey.

Video Gallery

Symphony of the Lonely Dragon

Me & You

Beautiful Hawaii

A Ha Hawaii

Ocean Symphony

Clean It Up

Little Big Fish


Can’t Stop


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