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The Mokan Nokan Show is a half-hour show broadcasting five times a week on cable station SPECTRUM OC16, which is seen throughout Hawaii.

The show is all about inspiration. Mokan and Nokan need inspiration to survive, so in each episode they seek out people and stories that inspire them and share those stories with their viewers. Mokan and Nokan also love dancing, singing, creating, and motivating people who are doing interesting things in their communities and around the world.

Other regular characters include Mr. Mel, the curator of Gallery 103, who is the main source of the uplifting stories and events that keep Mokan and Nokan — and the audience — inspired.

In addition, during each episode children anchor the news desk, which keeps everyone up to date with news and views from Hawaii and the far reaches of the globe.

The Mokan Nokan Show is an experience the entire family can sit down and enjoy together that we hope will also inspire them to get out and become involved in their local and global communities.


Episode 19

In this episode we have singer songwriter Sabryn Rudinoff,Early morning yoga at Kalihiwai Ridge-stone dam with Yoga instructor Joyce Wright Funk, with Tom Lieber & Ron Finley.And our special guest Jo’lette Miner-Ho, Hawaiian word of the day and News desk and much more.

Episode 18

This episode features the Kauai Mokihana festival, music by Alika Kane Koa, Hawaiian word of the day, The news desk, personal fitness coach Natalie Senyk with special guest Su Ruan and much more.

Episode 17

In this episode Miss Jennifer & crew from Kauai Dance Center visit Regency At Puakea Retirement Community , also featuring personal fitness coach Natalie Senyk, and special guest Wayne Zebzda, and Hawaiian word of the day and much more.

Episode 16

This episode features, Hawaii Easterseals, the News Desk, music by Kimberly McDonough, and Special guest Tehila, and much more.

Episode 15

In this episode we celebrate the life of Betty Unanian, who turned 91 in June, we share the passion of dance with Malia Ebueng, plus all our usual cast and features

Episode 14

This episode features special guest Alan Akana, music by, Alika Kane Koa,Milo Matthews & Gia Tognoli, and much more.

Episode 13

In this episode we take a look at the recent floods that hit Hawaii we visit Kealia Farm. With special guest AJ, Ron Soderstrom and Gia Tognoli.

Episode 12

Mokan & Nokan take a quick look back at pass episodes. The show features Miss Jennifer from Kauai Dance Center, Josh Nations tell us about his Kauai Athletic Club and we go out of state and meet the multi talented Gia Tognoli from Eastern Oregon, plus the news desk Hawaiian word of the day and much more.

Episode 11

Mokan & Nokan and the crew are back with a exciting show with lots of music, dancing, news and healthy living, this week Amanda Smith the Menehune chef visits Kilohana on Kauai and meet with Chef Mark and Fred Atkin.

Episode 10

This episode features music videos by Kimberly McDonough, and Mel Bell-Grey, and as usual our all–Star cast, The news desk, Fitness Guru Bryce Bertoli, Dayo & Cleo, Pua, with the Hawaiian word of the day. And a new segment all about food featuring The Menehune Chef Amanda Smith, and our special guest this week is fashion designer Chanterelle Chantara.

Episode 9

In this episode, we have our Hawaiian word of the day. Fitness guru Bryce Bertoli, Cleo & Dayo. With special guest Ron Finley, and Dolly Kanehuni. And much more.

Episode 8

This episode features artiste Patrick Ching, and a video celebrating 100 years of Grove Farm on Kauai. Plus a special segment called Ella’s Story, plus much more news, music and fun and a new segment featuring “Bryce” our fitness guru.

Episode 7

This episode we pay a special tribute to Ric Cox, It’s also international lets talk story day with special guest Alana from Easter Seals and musician, writer, motivational speaker Cary Valentine .

Episode 6

In this episode Mokan & Nokan go missing from the gallery, A frantic Mr Mel Contacts the news desk who sends out a appeal to the public to try and locate Mokan & Nokan.

Episode 5-All About Recylcling

In this episode the news desk revisit a previous issue brought to their attention “The Pacific garbage patch” and Mokan And Nokan shows us artful ways in which we can recycle we end the show with a special insight into the life of Hula teacher Kumu Lei.

Episode 4 – ‘Inspiration Day’

It’s inspiration day and also a strange creature Roams Kauai according to the latest news from the news desk

Episode 3 – ‘The Tree Hugger’

This episode A member of the public has spotted a strange looking man going around hugging trees and has asked the news desk to investigate. With special guest appearance of Mickey Sussman and much more.

Episode 2 – ‘The Dragon & The Volcano’

Following up on a concerned letter from a viewer who believes there is an angry dragon living in the Kilauea Volcano ,we set about unearthing the mystery of the angry dragon through a music video from Sierra Summer, song and dance excerpts from The Mokan Nokan ‘Beautiful Hawaii’ Roadshow and finally a special appearance from Kumu Kauka.
In this episode we also introduce Ikan & Ukan, relatives of Mokan & Nokan from Planet Zole. Who, from their vantage point in space, express their concern over the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, an island of plastic garbage that is forming in the ocean.
Once again our crack news team are on top of the story and Lady How along with help from Old Father Time field questions from viewers in London, England about the history of dance.

Episode 1 – ‘Introducing Mokan & Nokan’

This first episode charts the arrival of Mokan & Nokan from their home planet of ‘Zole’ to Gallery 103 in Kauai, Hawaii.
Here they meet and form a special connection with gallery curator, Mr. Mel as we discover their ability to bring pictures and objects to life that take us on a journey of discovery.
From a child ballerina, to budding musician and a visit to the Hawaiian Village, our team of child reporters are on hand to keep us updated on the journey as well as the introduction of ‘Lady How’ who fields questions from viewers at home. ‘Old Father Time’ our speaking clock also comes to life to recap the show.

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