Meet The New Animated Interactive Mokan Nokan

In January 2017 Eyes Wide Open Productions signed a agreement with Wonder Media group to create animated interactive Mokan and Nokan.

Wonder Media group who’s CEO is Terry Thoren are a creative technology and production company dedicated to changing the way animation is created, produced, experienced and used.

With offices in Los Angeles, Antwerp, and Abu Dhabi.

Their AnimationNow! solution is the most intuitive and practical real-time character animation system in the world.

Designed for both ease of use and flexibility, it can accommodate live video, multiple characters and puppeteers, real-time cameras, and much more.

Watch video below to see Mel Bell-Grey meeting Wonder Media at Mipcom 2016 for the first time.

Introducing Mokan and Nokan!

Mokan and Nokan are inspirational puppets designed to reach out to children and adults with the goal of inspiring others and introducing inspiring stories from across the globe.
Based on the Chinese symbol of the yin yang, Mokan and Nokan represent two halves that resound together as a whole entity.

Mokan is spontaneous, able to accomplish anything and to be a part of everything

…while Nokan approaches ideas and adventures with caution and evaluation.

Together they shine as art enthusiasts, innovators, and leaders prompting the question…

Are you inspired?